Monday, August 15, 2011

when words & pictures collide

Everytime I come across something beautiful, I save it in my dots & things folder. Over the past months, I've accumulated quite a number of images of both words and pictures. Inspired by the perfect combination of photos above from From Ainsley With Love, here are a few random combinations of words and pictures I've put together from various sources.

After all, there are no compromises on a tumbler of Starbucks coffee since you can pick your milk, etc. And how fabulous are those jeans on her?!

i just looove this photo of Olivia Palermo from the ASOS shoot -- mostly because of the chic hat. But when I look at the photo with the skyline peeking out at the bottom, it seems she's on top of the world. Yet there's something sad or determined in her expression, making it perfect for this Henry Ford quote.

It is highly unlikely that J.D. Salinger was talking about such a sophisticated girl. But the breeze blowing this woman's hair (from Jamie Beck's collection of animated gif photos featured here, here, here and here) just makes this woman incredibly enchanting -- befitting the object of the main character's unwavering love. 

Isn't it wonderful when words and pictures collide?

Have an amazing Monday!

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