Monday, January 9, 2017

Mommy Mondays: Prayer Leader

I usually lead our nightly bedtime prayer. But on the night before classes resumed after the Christmas break, I asked Noah to lead the prayer and I was quite surprised...

We had been rushing things to be able to sleep on time. I was constantly reminding -- okay nagging -- him to "pack your school bag, pack your Legos away, take a bath, brush your teeth... because you go back to school tomorrow".  I knew he was hating the idea even more because of all my nagging. But I had to rush him because we had to go back to waking up at 430am instead of 9am so Noah needed to go to bed way earlier than he did during his Christmas vacation.

Getting him to sleep on time was my primary mommy duty that night that I probably ended up putting going-back-to-school in a very negative light. It became the villain of our night. He couldn't play or watch TV anymore and I couldn't entertain his kwentos (stories) & questions anymore because he had to go to sleep for school the next day. 

So when he led our bedtime prayer, I was so surprised he didn't dwell on dreading back-to-school and instead, the first thing he prayed about was, "Dear God, Thank you for a very happy Christmas break! Thank you for an adventurous Christmas break!" 

I love that despite his mild grumbling about getting ready for school, he still found it in his heart to be grateful for a fun break. 

Also, our dog was scheduled for an operation the next day to take out her kidney stones. And if not for Noah's "Please please please please don't let Halee die and be too hurt from her operation tomorrow. Please please please please let her survive.", I wouldn't have known he was that worried about our dog's operation - that he was so afraid she would die. I love that despite his very real fear of his puppy dying, he was still so concerned about her that he prayed that God spare her from any pain.

Isn't it amazing where letting your child lead the prayer can lead to? It gave me a glimpse of Noah's innermost thoughts & feelings. It led me to discover more about his character - how grateful & altruistic he is.

I am glad I made Noah lead the prayer that night. I will definitely let him do that more often.

Photo is from here.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Today, I am loving...

... my new dollhouse. I didn't play with dolls or a dollhouse as a kid because I had a brother as my playmate. We ended up playing a lot of LEGO which is probably why I am still a fan (or AFOL - Adult Fan Of Lego). 

This is the front of my Disney Castle.

But it is the back that I am loving so much because it is composed of 6 floors of Disney characters' rooms. I love the charming details that tell you whose room it is: (as you can see in the topmost photo) Lumiere & the enchanted rose in Belle's room and the Cinderella ballroom with a cute chandelier & grandfather clock that's a few minutes to midnight.

It's a shame that the recently-released LEGO Disney minifigure collection series only had Ariel and not the other Disney Princesses. So I could not resist custom-making my own (something I learned from Noah here). 

I made a Merida minifig for the Brave section of the castle and a Belle for the Beauty & the Beast room. 

I drew on sticker paper with my colored pencils to make Belle & Aurora's off-shoulder tops.

I made everyone's skirts out of 2x2 LEGO bricks - one sloping & one that isn't.

I drew on sticker paper to create the details on the sleeves of Rapunzel & Snow White. I used washi tape for Snow White's headband and a dibidi sleeve for her collar.

The mirror & the apple came with the castle. But I thought the Snow White room wouldn't be complete without the Evil Queen...

... and the 7 dwarfs. Couldn't resist making the dwarfs out of tiny LEGO pieces. Dopey's my fave. No beard, hehe.

Rapunzel's room came with scissors, a brush and a lock of hair.

But I got Tangled up in an obsession to add Flynn Rider & Maximus. Oh, and I bought a paint palette & brush for Rapunzel so she can "add a few more paintings to her gallery"

I bought the Alladin & Genie minifigs from the Disney minifig collection series. Hehe, Genie's hanging by a lamp on the flying carpet that the castle came with.

The castle also came with a room for Donald. 

But I'm really not a Donald Duck fan so I converted his room into Ariel's trove with all her thingamabobs and her Prince Eric statue.

Eventually, I bought an Ariel minifig to complete the Little Mermaid room.

This kitchen was supposed to represent both Little Mermaid (where the chef was trying to cook Sebastian) and Cinderella, with the pumpkin that would later turn into her carriage. 

Since I custom-made Ariel's trove, I decided to make the kitchen workhorse-Cinderella's room. I made her headscarf out of a dibidi sleeve, the apron with sticker paper, and added some animal-friends. 

I staged ballgown-Cinderella (used washi tape for her headband) and the super cute glass slipper (that came with the castle) on the steps of the castle.

I thought Lumiere & Belle would be lonely without Cogsworth & Mrs. Potts. What was supposedly Donald Duck's bedframe became Cogsworth's arms and I used minifig arms to make Mrs. Potts' handle & spout.

Also couldn't resist making Belle in her Provincial Life clothes. I used sticker paper for her collar & apron and post-it to cover a royal blue sloping 2x2 brick for her skirt.

Then as true to playing dollhouse as can be, I moved Lumiere, Mrs. Potts & Cogsworth down to the ballroom where I imagined ballgown-Belle & the Beast were dancing. I made Beast with a monkey hairpiece, LEGO Chima face, LEGO Martian Manhunter's collar for his coattail, and yellow washi tape for his eyebrows, the stripe on his cuff & the tuxedo stripe on his pants.

Today, I am loving... playing dollhouse with my Disney Castle and custom-made minifigs. 

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Photos are my own and from Amazon. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

some polka dots i spotted...

I love dresses! Each dress comes with a matching stuffed bunny. Such an adorable idea!

Even the care instructions are adorable! Wash. Dry. Iron. Twirl with your baby girl. Repeat. Too cute!

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised that the two Marimaru dresses I bought were polka-dotted. Check them out on Instagram. They also sell the cutest non-polka-dot dresses!

Enjoy twirling with your baby girl! Again & again, as the adorable care instructions read. :)

Photos are my own.

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Simple Trick: Gas Tank Arrow

Are you one of those drivers that frantically look through their side mirrors upon arriving at a gasoline station hoping for any indication of which side your car's gas tank is on?

Because of the number coding rule in Manila, we switch cars among ourselves within the family. So I can never remember which side the gas tank is on for each car. 

So when I get to the gasoline station, I search my side mirrors in a frenzy for a glimpse of the gas door so I know which side of the gas pump to park. I find myself doing this every time even though I never ever see which side the gas door is on by desperately looking through my side mirrors. 

As I did that recently while Noah was in the car, he mentioned, so matter-of-factly, "You do know there's a sign on your dashboard that tells you where the gas door is, right?"

Naturally, my jaw dropped when I saw the arrow on my fuel gauge, reached down to pull the gas door lever and saw via my right side mirror that the gas tank was indeed on the right side of the car!

So in case you are like me who, for years, has been cluelessly in a panic upon arriving at a gas station, I am sharing this simple trick with you. Now, you can also calmly drive up to the correct side of the gas pump by just looking at the arrow beside the gas pump icon on your fuel gauge.

Photos are from annniegirlhere and here.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simple Trick: Calligraphy Hack

A lot of people are into calligraphy these days. The decorative handwriting is really pretty. But it takes practice to master the art of heavy & light strokes. 

Since I'm too lazy to practice and too impatient to wait for the perfection of a new craft, this hack I came across on Facebook is the next best thing!

No need for a special pen. I used a regular Sharpie on this "calligraphy" of the word calligraphy. 

All you need to do is use regular script (or cursive, as they call it in school nowadays). Then go back and thicken all the downward strokes and keep all the upward strokes as is, thin. 

I sometimes use it now when I'm taking down notes and want to emphasize a word. Looks so much prettier to use my calligraphy hack for that word rather than use a double underline.

But mostly, I use this hack with a regular ballpoint pen for gift cards. I think they make my already pretty gift cards from The Candy Shop even more special when I addressed the cards using this calligraphy hack!

The beautiful photos are from a fave photographer and blogger of mine, Camille. Check out her blog, camillekingphotography, and Instagram account, momwithacam, for more of her gorgeous photos. The less pretty photos are my own.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Noah says...

Noah asked where Isabella was so I told him she was at her Defensive Driving Seminar. He replied, "So you mean there's another car there that's offensive?"

Photo from annniegirl.

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Monday, June 22, 2015


I was floored by these floors! 

I just looooove tiles! 

Which floored you more? I, of course, prefer the multi-colored ones. 

Photos are my own. 

Bright multi-colored floor is from Serenitea Megamall, gray-scale one is from Bizu Podium and the pastel tiled floor is from Aristocrat Roxas Boulevard.