Monday, January 9, 2017

Mommy Mondays: Prayer Leader

I usually lead our nightly bedtime prayer. But on the night before classes resumed after the Christmas break, I asked Noah to lead the prayer and I was quite surprised...

We had been rushing things to be able to sleep on time. I was constantly reminding -- okay nagging -- him to "pack your school bag, pack your Legos away, take a bath, brush your teeth... because you go back to school tomorrow".  I knew he was hating the idea even more because of all my nagging. But I had to rush him because we had to go back to waking up at 430am instead of 9am so Noah needed to go to bed way earlier than he did during his Christmas vacation.

Getting him to sleep on time was my primary mommy duty that night that I probably ended up putting going-back-to-school in a very negative light. It became the villain of our night. He couldn't play or watch TV anymore and I couldn't entertain his kwentos (stories) & questions anymore because he had to go to sleep for school the next day. 

So when he led our bedtime prayer, I was so surprised he didn't dwell on dreading back-to-school and instead, the first thing he prayed about was, "Dear God, Thank you for a very happy Christmas break! Thank you for an adventurous Christmas break!" 

I love that despite his mild grumbling about getting ready for school, he still found it in his heart to be grateful for a fun break. 

Also, our dog was scheduled for an operation the next day to take out her kidney stones. And if not for Noah's "Please please please please don't let Halee die and be too hurt from her operation tomorrow. Please please please please let her survive.", I wouldn't have known he was that worried about our dog's operation - that he was so afraid she would die. I love that despite his very real fear of his puppy dying, he was still so concerned about her that he prayed that God spare her from any pain.

Isn't it amazing where letting your child lead the prayer can lead to? It gave me a glimpse of Noah's innermost thoughts & feelings. It led me to discover more about his character - how grateful & altruistic he is.

I am glad I made Noah lead the prayer that night. I will definitely let him do that more often.

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