Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Simple Trick: Calligraphy Hack

A lot of people are into calligraphy these days. The decorative handwriting is really pretty. But it takes practice to master the art of heavy & light strokes. 

Since I'm too lazy to practice and too impatient to wait for the perfection of a new craft, this hack I came across on Facebook is the next best thing!

No need for a special pen. I used a regular Sharpie on this "calligraphy" of the word calligraphy. 

All you need to do is use regular script (or cursive, as they call it in school nowadays). Then go back and thicken all the downward strokes and keep all the upward strokes as is, thin. 

I sometimes use it now when I'm taking down notes and want to emphasize a word. Looks so much prettier to use my calligraphy hack for that word rather than use a double underline.

But mostly, I use this hack with a regular ballpoint pen for gift cards. I think they make my already pretty gift cards from The Candy Shop even more special when I addressed the cards using this calligraphy hack!

The beautiful photos are from a fave photographer and blogger of mine, Camille. Check out her blog, camillekingphotography, and Instagram account, momwithacam, for more of her gorgeous photos. The less pretty photos are my own.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Noah says...

Noah asked where Isabella was so I told him she was at her Defensive Driving Seminar. He replied, "So you mean there's another car there that's offensive?"

Photo from annniegirl.

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