Sunday, October 25, 2015

Simple Trick: Gas Tank Arrow

Are you one of those drivers that frantically look through their side mirrors upon arriving at a gasoline station hoping for any indication of which side your car's gas tank is on?

Because of the number coding rule in Manila, we switch cars among ourselves within the family. So I can never remember which side the gas tank is on for each car. 

So when I get to the gasoline station, I search my side mirrors in a frenzy for a glimpse of the gas door so I know which side of the gas pump to park. I find myself doing this every time even though I never ever see which side the gas door is on by desperately looking through my side mirrors. 

As I did that recently while Noah was in the car, he mentioned, so matter-of-factly, "You do know there's a sign on your dashboard that tells you where the gas door is, right?"

Naturally, my jaw dropped when I saw the arrow on my fuel gauge, reached down to pull the gas door lever and saw via my right side mirror that the gas tank was indeed on the right side of the car!

So in case you are like me who, for years, has been cluelessly in a panic upon arriving at a gas station, I am sharing this simple trick with you. Now, you can also calmly drive up to the correct side of the gas pump by just looking at the arrow beside the gas pump icon on your fuel gauge.

Photos are from annniegirlhere and here.

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