Thursday, January 10, 2013

Color Obsession: Tiffany blue

I know, I know. Emerald green is the pantone color of 2013. But I am still obsessed with the signature robin's-egg-blue that goes with a completely different gem from the emerald - the solitaire diamond. Even without the diamond, I am still smitten with Tiffany & Co's blue hue. Perhaps it is true that it is the color of dreams.

The color seems to promise something beautiful, making even a rotting, old door dreamy...

Am not sure I'd want to actually eat these macarons (what flavor could they be?!), but boy, are they pretty to look at!

I might taste a bit of this cake...

I'd even be tempted to buy this recipe box... which says a lot 'coz I don't even know how to cook!

Am allergic to nail polish here and even if I weren't, I'm not even sure I'd like Tifffany blue nails, but I can't stop looking at this Tiffany blue tiny bottle.

Even this bag lured me when it came out a couple of months ago... Even though I already have several blue bags and have sworn off buying bags here... Even though I know thebaghagdiaries is right that it is too delicate (prone to scratches & stains)... But it is just so darn pretty...

It's funny how my head sees the practical reasons I should say no to all the Tiffany blue finds above, and yet my heart is still entranced. I guess it's because there's something magical about the color... The promise of something wonderful from the iconic tiny, little T&Co blue box...

After all, T&Co has been doing this for over 175 years.

And while it could just be a dream or a fantasy...

... this Tiffany blue color certainly evokes real feelings of wonder & delight.

Photos from polkadotshoppingbag, americanhoney & thebaghagdiaries.

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  1. This is my absolute favourite colour of all time too, you chose beautiful things to share :-)

    1. @TT Awww, glad you liked them. Love the pale blue shelf you posted (esp. with the orange accents). Was that Tiffany blue? :) Thanks for reading!

  2. helo dear. I permit to share your picture in my instagram coz I love it! ^^

    1. Photos are not mine so not my place to give "permission". Link to photo sources are in my post. But agree with you, beautiful, right? :)

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