Wednesday, December 26, 2012

a wish come true

Remember how I was wishing for a Tiffany & Co gift here and here? Well, I got my wish this Christmas!

The hubby got me the perfect (for me) pair of sunglasses! You see, I have the traditional Filipino's pango (flat) nose. I hardly have a bridge so I can never wear shades without nose pads. Because I've so wanted nose-pad-less shades, I used to buy one every now and then but the rim would rest on my cheeks and after wearing them a while, the shades' bridge would eventually sink to my low nose bridge and I would look like a grandmother peering out on top of my glasses. And if I bowed my head, the sunglasses would surely fall to my lap because it wasn't clutching my nosebridge at all. Plus, I might also have an odd-shaped head, 'coz I can never raise my shades up to my head like a hairband. It would always pop out!

Because of a number of disappointing experiences with nose-pad-less eyewear, I'd given up even trying them on already.

But these Tiffany shades rest perfectly on the bridge of my nose. And even if I bow down, they stay stuck to my nose. And I can wear them like a hairband when the sun goes away! So perfect for me! :)

As if perfect wasn't perfect enough, it has all these perfect little details... The Tiffany key... 

... and the Tiffany blue color peeking out through the sides and the frame's insides.

And the subtle branding - a tiny T&Co. - on the inside of one of the temple tips...

But to tell you the truth, this gift had me at hello. I saw the iconic Tiffany blue box and I was already smitten! 

I already knew whatever was in it was a wish come true!

Photos are my own and from here & here.

Get your own pair of Tiffany eyewear at Adora in Greenbelt 5.


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