Thursday, December 20, 2012

my pretend closet: boyfriend pajamas

I am so drawn to these vintage-style - or as J.Crew puts it, "borrowed-from-the-boys classic" pajama sets. Am not usually a pajama set type of person: I wear a tee with my typically printed pajama pants. But I am loving these sets with a boyish charm!

There's always something sexy about borrowing your man's clothes - whether it be his crisp, white shirt or jeans. And boyfriend pajamas are no exception. Especially this nightshirt version.

Too bad my SIL already left New York when I found these PJs. I hope I can bear to wait 'til she flies back there to order them from J.Crew. For now, I am willing them to stay in my pretend closet rather than in a tempting (but not shipping-cost-free) box to Johnny Air Cargo. 

Photos from annnniegirl, acupofjo & j.crew.

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