Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lego Tales: Homemade Minifigs Part 1

When Noah turned 7 (click here for his Lego creations at 6), a love for Lego minifigures surfaced.

He started out by insisting I print him the Young Justice minifig bodies (I printed several sizes in the hopes that one of them fits his Lego minifig bodies). Then he cut out the bodies (just noticed now that he didn't just cut out Superman's shirt, but also his briefs! What attention to detail!).

He made a cape out of paper...

... and colored it in with a red marker.

And voila! Young Justice minifigs!

Noah already has a Lego Batman minifig but his shirt is gray so he opted for the black shirt cut-out. If am not mistaken, he used his old Harry Potter shirts for Martian Manhunter & Alfred. And the Martian's heads, I believe, are Toy Story army men's heads.

Notice how the faces of Red Tornado (the tornado legs made me chuckle!), Superman, Robin & Green Lantern are also taped on? Am amazed at how small the pieces are! Especially since he uses double-sided tape to stick the tiny pieces of paper on his Legos.

It took me a while to print out Nightwing's minifig so Noah drew a minifig while waiting (& constantly nagging me to finally print it).

It's quite obvious that Nightwing's face is taped on. But if you look closely, you will see that Noah even covered a yellow head with white paper (see the sliver of yellow at the neck?)!

When the Avengers movie was released, (after creating Avengers paper magic here), I guess he was itching to make Avengers minifigs and could no longer wait for me to print them out for him. So he drew the parts he needed himself! Shirt, shield, goggles...

Love the abs he drew for Thor & Hulk, how he used his old penguins' beaks for Ironman's hands, the boosters on Ironman's feet, and how Noah moved Captain America's goggles from his helmet to his eyes for the photo op!

This is version 1 of Noah's homemade Avengers minifigs...

But just a week later, he made new versions and adorably lined them up so they copy his Avengers movie poster. 

I much prefer his first version of Ironman vs. the Megablocks one here. Oh, and he had to add a Nick Fury minifig for consistency with the poster.

Noah even made Thor's blond hair...

... and Loki's helmet & scepter out of paper!

But out of all of his homemade minifigures in this post, his Captain America mask, molded out of paper...

... is my absolute favorite!

Photos are all my own.

Click here for previous posts from the Lego Tales series. Watch for more of Noah's homemade minifigs in Part 2!


  1. love all the lego series you post! we're giving up on lego (no room): so let me know if you wanna buy us out. we collected most of the houses!

    1. Awww, sad... FB or email me which houses so I can decide if I will adopt them. :)

    2. I think Ice (or his mom) will like this:

    3. So cute! The sleigh was my fave! Now I want another Christmas tree with just Lego ornaments. Maybe even like those hanging at the Legoland entrance in December that I posted about some time ago!

      Ey, FB me photos of the houses you're disposing of. :)