Tuesday, June 26, 2012

super paper powers

Remember in my Tribute to Summer here, I promised to write a post about Noah creating handmade magic over the summer? Well, he did display a very specific super-power: a power over paper. After watching The Avengers movie here, he made costumes out of paper. Admittedly, Isabella helped him with his Ironman mask.

But he made the gloves himself with paper, crayons and oddly, some electric tape in his art bucket.

A week later, Noah made his paper Captain America costume.

Still with crayons and the stray electric tape...

Then later that night, he made Thor's hammer out of a leftover carton and the Tesseract out of paper.

The following night, he made Hawkeye's bow and arrow.

This time, he also used popsicle sticks and yarn.

Then my friend gave him a non-minimalist poster of The Avengers and he insisted on dressing up in his paper costumes and posed in front of the movie poster.

I love how he imitated each hero's pose... Which led to the need to make Nick Fury's eyepatch (with Isabella's help) at 11pm. Oh, he refused to sleep without a Nick Fury photo.

The following day, he made Hulk...

... and completed The Avengers. All out of... paper!

Yes, Noah certainly displayed super paper powers this past summer.

Photos are my own, edited via pixlr, and from here.

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