Saturday, June 30, 2012

sea fairies

My favorite part of Manila Ocean Park is the attraction called Jellies. I didn't see such an attraction on our last trip to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. But maybe because that was so long ago (2004) coz I checked their site and they have the exact same thing now. Anyway, in the Manila theme park, I initially thought it was the novelty, the uniqueness, that attracted me to Jellies. But while writing this post, I realized there was something innately captivating about this attraction.

These translucent sea creatures in different colors were fascinatingly beautiful.

I quite liked the visual effect of the changing lights (I sure hope the lights aren't bad for them because I can't imagine having colored light in their natural habitat) and how the jellyfish semed to glow in blue light,

red light,

green light,

purple light,

and again, in blue light - this time with both Noah & Isabella posing in front of the jellyfish.

But when I got past the lights, I noticed how gracefully the jellyfish moved around in the water. They fluttered around the glass tank like elegant ballerinas. Probably because of their fluid movement and their glowing, translucent bodies - that I guess reminded me of fairy wings, I started to think of them as sea fairies.

Here's Isabella watching them so intently.

It was relaxing to watch them dance so gracefully. 

Indeed, the jellyfish exhibit was quite an enchanting sight.

Manila Ocean Park
Luneta, Manila
(632) 567-7777

Admission to Jellies is P150 per head (free for children 2 feet & below).
Monday to Friday: 10am - 7pm
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays: 9am - 7pm
No more tickets sold after 630pm

We've gone to Manila Ocean Park 3 times since it opened. There were busloads of people in the big lobby on both our weekday and weekend trips (probably scheduled field trips). Despite the crowd outside, the Oceanarium and the Jellies exhibit were not as filled up as I expected. Not empty, but not suffocatingly full.

Photos are my own and from heritage.  


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    1. @Bertus Yum? Ummm, have we ever eaten jellyfish?! Isn't it seaweed that we eat?