Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color Obsession: tough pink

Of all the pastel hues, pink is usually at the bottom of my list. I'm not much of a fan of this soft, dainty color because I find it too saccharinely sweet for my personality. But lately, I've been drawn to sheer pinks. Or even really, really light pinks. 

I am drawn to baby pink dresses these days. The translucent pink drinks look so refreshing to me. And if I weren't allergic to nailpolish (see related post here), I'd be going for such sheer nails.

But I'd toughen up this soft, feminine hue somewhere else in my ensemble. Combining it with gold or silver hardware helps, I think.

But my favorite way to toughen up pink is by pairing it with olive green.

Let me leave you with my latest sheer pink discovery. I love it because it looks so purrretty in my bathroom.

And the best part is it's quite a tough pink because Neutrogena's Deep Clean technology effectively removes 99% of dirt, oil, impurities and dead skin cells. And with anti-oxidant pink grapefruit extracts, it helps stimulate healthy cell renewal. So it's not just purrretty for your bathroom, but also makes your skin purrretty and younger-looking too!

Photos from i'mjustsaying, pinkwallpaper, polkadotshoppingbag, polyvore and here. Polyvore picks are as follows: Reiss Kelly sequin top, Polo Ralph Lauren mill olive chinos, Alexander McQueen Skull leather belt, Mango two-tone pleated dress, Rigby dress, Barbour Gold Label devon quilt jacket, Diane Von Furstenberg Elena sunglasses.

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