Saturday, June 2, 2012

Simple Trick: Personalized Bus Sign

For a while now, I've been attracted to spaces with vintage bus signs.

They give a drab space some character.

And because the hubby likes our things to have a special meaning for us (as you might know from here and here), I decided to put together the streets of the homes we've lived in - on a vintage bus sign.

The first 3 names are the streets of the houses I lived in, since I was born. And the bottom 3 are the streets he's lived in. The middle one is the name of the street of our home today. I love that the streets of our childhood meet at the center - to the street of the house we bought together.

I created it on Paint using Tahoma font. I printed it out, had the copy-place enlarge it, mounted it on 1/4 illustration board and voila!

It's so easy to make! Plus, how can you not love combining bold typography with the streets you love? Surely, it will trigger such happy memories! 

Hope you liked this simple trick on how to make meaningful decor for your home!

Photos from heritage and lushlee. The photo of our bedroom was edited via pixlr. Notice the wicker ottoman that I moved from the living room to the bedroom as my bedside table here? What about the things on it: like Isabella's Mother's Day gift from here, a VW Kombi I got from my mom after I posted this, and Filipina Samantha Sotto's internationally-released book, Before Ever After, from here

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