Sunday, May 13, 2012

HeeHaw-somest Mother's Day!

I spoke - er, posted - too soon. We broke tradition this year and it was soooo worth it! I had the HeeHaw-somest Mother's Day ever!

Maybe you already know from here how much I love horses and how terribly I miss riding. Well, my day started with an excited Noah brightly greeting me with several handmade gifts - my favorite of which was this bookmark of a purple pony. His cousin has the actual Littlest Pet Shop toy horse and I constantly beg her to let me have it, but she refuses every single time. So my sweet Noah drew me my own LPS pony!

Then, coincidentally, Isabella gave me her most coveted LPS pony (the one I pined for when she was younger, but she was never willing to give it up). She said the horse was supposed to watch over me when she's not around (Awww!). So I put the tiny horse on the charging tray on my bedside table.

Then, the hubby changed the Cafe 1771 plan to... a trip to El Kabayo Riding Stables in Clark, Pampanga! I was greeted by a delightfully unexpected sight! The facility is a replica of an old western town straight out of an American cowboy movie. The facade recreated an old-west saloon, a trading post, a telegraph office, a run-down hotel, a federal bank and even a courthouse, the sheriff's office and a county jail!

Then I finally got to ride. Happiness! First, we took the trail. We went through a kalamansi grove in the sweltering heat. Then Isabella and I still wanted to ride so we went around the riding ring.

Before leaving El Kabayo, we explored the Old West Town more closely. Here's a prisoner from the County Jail that escaped because the Sheriff was sleeping on the rocking chair... Hehe.

Then as I took more close-up photos, I realized that the Old West Town replica was actually the facade of the stables. So through the "shop windows" you could actually spy horses! And if you remember from here, just seeing a thoroughbred's back calms me. So I was delighted beyond belief when I looked through each shop window and saw such huge beautiful horses! Their backs were usually facing the shop window so one of the El Kabayo staff handed us grass to feed the horse.

Truly, this was the HeeHaw-somest Mother's Day ever!

Photos are my own and from annnniegirl and here - all edited with pixlr.

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