Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lego Tales: Legoland Details

As promised here, am sharing another thing I love about Legoland: their attention to detail is unparalleled.

It starts out as soon as you enter the long driveway (at least, in California) because, not only will you be greeted by letters forming the word WELCOME built with Lego bricks, but the banners on the tall posts by the road have a Lego brick screw! It's a shame I didn't take a photo of it, but it is testament to their meticulousness. I mean, who even looks at a banner's screw?

Then when you get to the park entrance, you will see the huge LEGOLAND sign which is very high up so you would hardly notice the Christmas trimmings.

But lo and behold, they are made of Lego bricks!

Even on a regular (no occasion) day, they take the trouble to put a mini-figure made completely out of Lego bricks inside the letter O.

One of the Miniland sights was a mini-replica of the Daytona International Speedway.

It's actually a mini-replica of a Daytona 500 race. See how full the stands are?

Here's where Legoland's unbelievable attention to detail comes in. They could have used Lego mini-figures to fill up the stands, right? But no, they decided to use Lego bricks to make every unique person in the crowd!

Can you find two people that look exactly the same? I couldn't! I did spot an ice cream & lollipop vendor though. Can you see him?

Still in Miniland, check out this replica of the White House.

Notice anything?

There are Secret Service agents on the roof. Aren't their shades adorable?

In Lego Central Park, they unsurprisingly had a mini-replica of the Central Park Stage, the Imagine mosaic, the Wollman skating rink (not in photo) and the Belvedere Castle (not in photo).

But even in obscure spots around Central Park, there was even this cap and postcard stand!

How meticulous is that?

Truly, Legoland's attention to detail is unparalleled!

Photos are all my own.

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