Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lego Tales: Life-Like Legoland

I looove Legoland. I think it's more magical than Disneyland*. One of the first sights you will see when you enter Legoland California is the lake of life-size animals made completely out of Lego bricks.

They were so life-like from afar but when I looked closely, it seemed like I was viewing a slightly low-resolution photo because the animals were pixelated. :)
They also built a life-like Volvo.

It was so life-size, they used real tires on the Lego Volvo!

Even their non-life-size creations at Miniland - miniature versions of popular US sights - were so life-like! Here are a few photos of Lego Vegas...

The New York skyline in Lego bricks...


The US Capitol in Washington...

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco...

Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood...

Just outside Miniland is the Block of Fame with busts of famous people like Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. Here are the busts of Pavaroti and Einstein - though they look exactly like them, I didn't even need to tell you who they are, right?

What about these Lego replicas of masterpieces?

Did you notice that the frames (and even the pedestals of the busts) are made of Lego bricks too?

For me, there is nothing more amazing than Legoland. The life-like Lego versions of reality are just so awesome. The Miniland structures, even though they weren't life-size, were so life-like that they seemed larger than life! Legoland is surely one place where I don't mind seeing in pixels!

Watch out for more of Legoland in my next few posts of this Lego Tales series.

*Disclaimer: (1) Growing up, Lego was my most favorite toy. My brother was my playmate so Lego was the most gender-neutral toy we could both enjoy. (2) I have always had major motion sickness (see related post here). So rides and thrills in theme parks are really lost on me.

Photos are my own, taken by the hubby.

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