Friday, April 27, 2012

Simple Trick: Storing Shoes

If you store your shoes in a shoe cabinet - and not your staircase (haha!), here's a simple trick I learned from Kat of Space That Works.

Instead of storing shoes this way... with shoes facing the same direction...

Store them this way... with one shoe facing forward and the other facing back.

I swear, this allows you to fit an additional pair in the same closet! Plus, you get to see the type of heel of your I'm-sure-multiple black pumps. And it lets you see if your heels are scuffed - something you never see when all your shoes are facing forward.

Try it. It works!

Photos from annnniegirl and frommetoyou.

Click here for the down-in-the-dots version of this post. Click here for a previous post on other ways of storing shoes.  

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