Saturday, April 7, 2012

some polka dots i spotted...

The first thing I noticed about the post on Ruby's room in designsponge was the polka-dotted shoes of mommy & baby. Then I noticed mommy & baby also both had shiny gold shoes strewn on the carpet of Ruby's room. Then I noticed how much this mommy must love polka-dots. With the polka-dotted pillows (one is gray & neon pink and the other is gray & yellow!), dotted wall decals, dotted pink socks on Ruby and the dotted yellow fabric boxes on Ruby's shelves.

It didn't occur to me until I read through two more posts from designsponge that Ruby's room belonged to a series that shared, not only people's homes, but what they loved most about their home. I love Ruby's mom's wishes for her baby.

So even though I didn't necessarily love the design aesthetic of the houses featured in the series, I felt that the handwritten notes on what the owners loved about their home made the homes special. This one is the home of a certain Paula...

And this one is the home of a certain Camille...

This is the home of a certain Sarah... Have to say I love the hot pink ampersand (see related post here) and all the pops of color.

And this is what I love about my home as you might already know from here.

What about you? What do you love most about your home?

Photos are my own and from designsponge.

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  1. I love the layouts you did here! Id copy if I knew how. :)

    1. @trisha Hey, thanks! Sadly, I can no longer do them either. The online scrapbooking site I've been using to do these layouts (by just dragging-and-dropping) officially closed down last week. RIP Scrapblog. :(