Sunday, June 19, 2011

pieces with a story

When we were furnishing our new house 6 years ago, my husband wanted our things to have a significance. This is why our domino tealight holder was not just of any two random numbers. It was of our wedding anniversary - May 4. We chose a 1997 Malang because that was the year our daughter was born. Our 2005 Baldemor was to celebrate the birth of our son. To my husband, our house needed to be filled with pieces with a story. And I guess that just jumpstarted all the stories that were to be created in our home. I can imagine looking back 10... 20 years from now, remembering where my son took his first step or where my daughter cried of her first broken heart. From the get-go, my husband taught me how to turn our house into a home.

Happy Father's Day to my uncharacteristically sentimental husband!


  1. Yes, I do not picture your husband as sentimental in that way but it's nice that he is =) And you learn something new after 23 years. My husband is the same. He prefers our pieces have meaning too.

  2. @ocmominmanila How can this post make me feel older than my actual nostalgia (coney island ice cream) post? 23 years?! Gah!