Saturday, June 18, 2011

timeless tailored femininity

Ironic, right? Tailored, yet feminine? This is the essence of Katie Ermilio's Fall 2011 Collection. The lines are simple, elegant and clean with touches of bows and ruffles. It's remarkable how a ballgown can convey elegant ease. Truly, this irony of a collection is timeless and oh-so-tempting.

And they couldn't have chosen a more perfect backdrop: a luxurious space with the elegance of a grand piano, a plush couch, a glass chandelier, and the antique feel of the exposed furnace and the grandeur of sunlight streaming through the tall, wide windows.

I know this is a reposted photo. But it's a Katie Ermilio so shouldn't it be displayed with the rest of her collection?

Photo credits: From Me To You

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