Friday, June 10, 2011

interesting maps

Aren't these the most ingenious maps? I've seen people use tacks to chart the places they've visited. But a Scratch Map that makes your map more colorful as you travel is even more fun!

Here's one online map that charts how much of the Philippines you've visited. I didn't score so well. Got a C. :(  So am challenged to fill in these whites with color! Ilocos or Zamboanga anyone? 

What about you? Care to check your Lakbayan grade?

Map products via A Cup of Jo and Etsy. And Lakbayan is something I discovered via Patricialoves.


  1. interesting when you see your travels this way right? :) sad lang that we don't get to go around our country as much :P

    on a happy note though, i've been eyeing that scratch map for awhile and am so close to ordering one!! :)

  2. @patricialoves Cool!!! Tell me if they're monochromatic or colorful underneath. The photos I've seen have only one country scratched off per map so I can't tell. And enjoy the travels that come with it! :)