Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today, I am loving... Fave Dates

Today, I am loving... my new daily dates with my daughter.

I remember the days... thirteen years ago... when this mother was born the day my daughter was born... when 'girls night out' turned into 'girls night in' like this one...

When she turned thirteen last August, she somehow imbibed the teen stereotypes overnight. For one, she started keeping to herself. My once bubbly, enthusiastic chatterbox turned into a quiet, one-word-reply teenager! When I came home from work and asked how her day was, she'd give a "Fine." No matter how much I probed, the best I would get out of her was "Nothing (special)." Then recently, I conjured up Fave Date - a daily date to update each other on our most favorite moment of the day. And she transformed before my eyes! She now tells me about her favorite part of her day so excitedly. I love seeing her eyes dance as she chatters away sharing detail after detail of the best part of her day.

My bubbly baby girl is back!!!


Photos (of someone else's daughters) are from i'm just saying.

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