Tuesday, June 7, 2011

thank you notes

Leah Dietrich's mother always told her to write thank-you-notes. So she does. To everything. Everyday. thxthxthx is a blog documenting her daily exercise in gratitude.

I love how she is able to find something to be thankful for in EVERYTHING. She sees the good in what most will see as bad - like a 34A chest or a full inbox. She finds something to be thankful for in the most mundane realities: tape, red droplets on the street and her ponytail - noticing what usually goes unnoticed. She finds deeper meaning to be thankful for in the most unlikely places: how finding it difficult to spell "diarrhea" means she has not encountered it enough.

Her positivity is amazing! What about you? What would you write a thank-you-note for today?

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