Saturday, June 18, 2011

sweet nostalgia

After dinner at Cantinetta with my girlfriends last night, we walked to Bar Dolci in Burgos Circle. Little did I know it would end up to be a walk down memory lane...

I ordered this Bubblegum gelato - at first because of the amusing note on the flavor paddle: "sosyal na Bazooka". But as I savored each spoonful of my mini-scoooper, I was reminded of the Coney Island ice cream bar at Unimart when I was little. I would always get either bubblegum or orange with chocolate fudge and rainbow sprinkles. Yum!

Of course I couldn't eat at Bar Dolci without getting my favorite Salted Butter Caramel macaron. I've tried - not all, but a lot of - their sumptious and delightfully-colored flavors, but this is the absolute best!
The funny thing is that when I hear the word "macaroons", this is what still comes to mind...
Hope you enjoyed this short, but sweet, trip down memory lane!

Photos from my own BB Torch, shootfirsteatlater, R&R with Noel R.N. and Mom's Place


  1. sosyal na bazooka, FTW!

  2. @thismomsthoughtbubble Actually, my friend's thought bubble was that sosyal naman ang Bazooka. Then again, if they wrote "sosyal na Judge", I might not have ordered it. :)

  3. I love Coney Island Bubble gum. I remember the small stall in Katipunan when we were in college.

  4. @ocmominmanila I read from my Coney Island photo source that Go Nuts Donuts has been offering Coney Island ice cream flavors since 2009. Owners are the same so I expect them to taste the same. I should check if they have Orange...