Thursday, June 23, 2011

tips from the dinner table

Setting the table is a chore that preschool kids can do. These dinnertable guides help make it fun and educational. You can go for an online-store-bought one like the get-set placemats, or the cute DIY-templates from Martha Stewart, or really do it yourself with manila paper and some markers. The USDA plate guide (which replaced the old food pyramid guide) is also interesting to guide us when preparing our kids' (and even our own) food portions. My all-time-favorite dinnertable guide though is the hand sign. "b" is for bread plate and "d" is for drink. I still use this today (of course, I keep my hands concealed under the table or on my lap) so I don't end up drinking from my seatmate's glass or using his bread plate.

Enjoy your dinner!

Photo credits: hands, placemat, placemat, placemat, placemat, my old Martha Stewart Kids magazines

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