Sunday, April 8, 2012

what are you good at?

I like the idea of decorating eggs with typography (I wonder if this is easier than dyeing eggs here?). But inspired by this book by Andy Selsberg...

I'd change the words to: Whatever you are, you ARE good. You Are Good At Things celebrates one's secret skills and unrecognized abilities. It calls attention to secret talents that are typically taken for granted. Like having the uncanny ability to always notice when someone has gotten a new haircut or how you can make the last half-ounce of toothpaste last for a month or a talent for wrapping gifts using very little tape.

Because my mom is good at giving her kids names that will never appear on key chains at gift shops (read: my brother's and my names are uncommon and hard to spell), I have the awesome ability of spelling people's names correctly. I am very conscious about how people spell their names and I make sure that whenever I say, write to them, I spell their names the right way - doubling letters that need to be doubled and resisting to end names that typically end with an "ie" with an "i" if that's how she spells it.

What about you? What thing are you good at? Of this carton of different easter eggs, my favorite is the one that reads POSSIBILITY.

Because it's true. The possibilities of what we are (and can be) good at are endless.

Happy Easter!

Photos from here via acupofjo.

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