Sunday, April 1, 2012


Summer is here! Time for the kids to play outdoors instead of being cooped up indoors playing Temple Run or Draw Something. Time to let them play, explore & learn.

We went on a picnic with friends in Ateneo last August and Noah tried to fly a kite. But it wasn't windy enough to keep his kite up in the air. He did have fun exploring nature and playing with friends; he even climbed a tree!

I love the Ateneo grounds. When Isabella was young, we would go on picnics in the High School field, the Bellarmine field or the place around the Meron Lagoon. This particular picnic with Noah was some other place in the Ateneo College grounds, but because of the new buildings, I'm not exactly sure where it is anymore. It was actually nice because there's parking, an open field and benches shaded by trees. We just brought some food and banig mats and we had an instant picnic! We always bring a kite, and sometimes even a bike, in case the wind doesn't cooperate.

I can't wait to try kite-flying again this summer!

I can already imagine the glee on Noah's face when he is finally able to keep his kite in flight.

So what outdoor activities do you have planned for your kids this summer? Are you planning some piko or hopscotch?

Or maybe just going to the playground to get on the swing?

Am thinking of trying this block of ice activity from nyctaughtme. I figure it would be a fun activity to cool down on a hot summer day (apart from maybe, Johnson's Baby Cooling Powder & Bath).

Armed with the new Johnson's baby daily sun protection lotion, I have no qualms letting Noah play and explore under the sun this summer!

It is going to be a fun, fun summer!

Photos are my own and from nyctaughtme

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