Monday, July 25, 2011

shoe art

It's easy to imagine handpainted art on shoes, or shoes that are so sculpturally magnificent, you see them as art. But did you ever think your regular shoes could be worthy to be displayed on your wall - like art?

A Martha Stewart magazine did.

To some extent, even Vogue did.
(see related post on printed covers like these here)

Would you consider showcasing your shoes like that on a wall of your home? Or are you more into keeping them stored in shoe cabinets?

Or in boxes?
Personally, I'm not a fan of boxes (even though they look so much neater)
because it takes longer to get to the shoes.
But I like the idea of these extremely-close-up photos of shoes vs. the usual full-shoe photos.

Or will you reconsider hanging your shoes as art on wall molding?


  1. can't help but comment on this one. they do look lovely!!! BUT i don't think i'd do it because i find the idea of outsoles on the wall kinda icky and insoles facing out kinda not nice as well :P hahaha. but this might definitely work for those with lots of shoes and don't reuse them often. sorry for ruining a perfectly nice design moment! :)

  2. @patricialoves Actually, I have to admit I wouldn't do this either. I seriously worry that my shoes have touched poo, pee and spit so I wouldn't want that touching my walls! I'd be more comfortable with the Vogue-style "art", but I'd be cringing the whole time worrying that the heel-tip of one shoe might be scratching the upper of the other shoe. Okay, my neurosis is showing... :( You're right, maybe only for those rarely used ones (like the one you featured on your blog just recently)...

  3. hahaha. i swear we're OC mums on the loose!! okay i'm just semi but i do have a dedicated shoe cabinet :) it does look beautiful though. oh and thanks for dropping by, i don't think it would look as nice though if i only had one shoe hanging on a baroque-ish molding. or maybe it would! :P