Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Noah says...

We went to Baguio for this year's summer trip. At House of Waffles in Club John Hay, Noah was on a roll...

Upon spotting the restaurant's name on the menu, he said, with the most incredulous expression on his face, "How can a waffle take care of a house?"

And while eating his blueberry waffle, "Diba you said blueberries are only in States?" I said they weren't real blueberries*. "You mean this is a toy?!"

*By 'they weren't real blueberries' I meant that they were bottled, not a freshly-picked fruit like his mango and banana.

Photo from sparklesandpretending. I know they're not waffles, but isn't it a great idea for a placecard at breakfast? For more pancake ideas, check out these ones from ocmominmanila and 101gramsofeyecandy.

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