Monday, July 18, 2011

some polka dots i spotted...

I looove cheese. For me, the stinkier, the better. I love sharp cheeses. Blue, sharp cheddar, limburger, feta. Brie and camembert are not sharp enough for me (but this cheese-lover will eat them anyway).

I've never really attempted to assemble my own cheese platter. But I did learn a lot from these cheese posts from A Cup of Jo (here and here). The best of which is that cheeses should be placed in "clock order" on the board -- 12 o'clock being the mildest and 11 o'clock being the strongest. I wonder if the Santi's cheese platters follow this rule? If so, I now know to go straight to the 11 o'clock cheeses next time I'm invited to a wine and cheese party! 

But on a regular, non-wine-and-cheese-party day, here are some everyday cheeses I enjoy: (1) Microwaved queso de bola (the authentic kind - Marca Pato/Pina, not the cheddar balls posing as queso de bola). Lay out a few slices on a microwaveable plate (make sure they're not one on top of the other) and pop it into the microwave for a few seconds. The queso de bola gets saltier & tangier and becomes soft at the center and crunchy at the edges. You have to experiment though - try different times - to get to the best balance of the saltiness and consistency you prefer. (2) Cafe 1771 Tomato-Cheese Fondue. I loooove this! Even during its Chateau 1771 days. Still in El Pueblo Ortigas, the old Chateau is now a pretty cafe with whimsical interiors on one side and a homey room filled with walls of vintage books on another side. They now serve a smaller portion of the old cheese fondue, but it is still just as delicious. My son hates going there because the cheese is too stinky for him. So I get to go there only on Mother's Day or on a date with my daughter who loves cheese just as much as I do! (3) Starbucks' Grilled Ham & Three Cheese on Italian Country Bread. This is my mom's latest discovery (Haha, yes. 3 generations of cheese-lovers!). Have them heat it and eat it while the cheeses are in their gooey-melted goodness! Yuuummmm! (4) Cheetos Twisted Puffs. This you can only eat at home because no matter how carefully you bite it, cheese crumbs really fall on your shirt and create a big orange mess! Clover Chips Cheese is also another staple on my junkfood list. (5) And finally, Philadelphia or Kiri cream cheese on ciabatta bread or Ritz crackers.

Have a great cheesy breakfast!

Photos from A Cup of Jo by the amazing Jamie Beck of From Me To You.


  1. hmmm these sound yummy!! lately i can't leave the grocery without some sort of cheese. i love camembert and brie though! :) try cream cheese with canned chili, got it from a friend and it's a really awesome dip! :)

  2. @patricialoves Oooohhh! Interesting! Will try out this dip! Thanks for the tip! :)