Saturday, July 9, 2011

Today, I am loving...

Are these really friendship bracelets? They seem to be woven skeins of the thread and string I used to secure with either a binder clip or the inside of my gradeschool textbook's spine.

Are you still in touch with your gradeschool friends? Isn't it great to have known people for decades and still be bound to them - with or without a friendship bracelet? This one with the friendship bracelets though has an invite to the Ralph Lauren show. Perhaps it's time to start weaving again?  Hmmm... maybe I should exchange bracelets with my bestfriend, my TV-buddy, my fashion consultant, my 13-year-old daughter?

Right this minute, I am loving the idea of swapping sentimental bracelets with my Isabella. 

Photos from becausei'maddicted. 

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