Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today, I am loving...

Today, I am loving... the sense of humor of bar dolci. Remember the "sosyal na Bazooka" note on their Bubblegum gelato (see original post here)?

Here is the new note on their Ferrero gelato: "our worst-selling flavor! hehehe"

According to the guy at the counter, "Sinisiraan na po namen kasi sobrang lakas" [We're bad-mouthing it because it's selling too well]. And he said this in jest, without any trace of arrogance. Hahaha! I love that they can poke fun at themselves! 

I guess this place really believes one of those quotes on their wall -- "Ice cream is happiness condensed."

And yes, I've asked if they're okay with a drive-by and the girl at the register said yes!!! Bar Dolci Burgos Circle - 632-8468245 (see drive-by post here).

Photos from here and via my phonecam.

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