Friday, July 22, 2011

Color Obsession: Neutrals & Brights

A pop of color always goes well with neutrals. But I think there are certain neutrals that look best with particular neons...

Neutrals NAVY and NUDE (see the post that inspired this color pairings post from eyecandy here) look perfect with bright ORANGE.

Neutrals NAVY and WHITE are elegant with bright GREEN.

Neutrals KHAKI and MUSTARD are stunning with bright PINK.
Here is where I beg to disagree with Bally though...

I think neon YELLOW is best matched with neutral GRAY.

Whether or not yellow is paired with black or gray, don't you love these awesome neutral + brights pairings?

Photos of the Bally-Rina (the name cracks me up!) collection from Bally. Photo of the woman in striped heels is from FromMeToYou. Photo of the striped heel shoes I've been eyeing from Aldo. And the gray + neon photo is from 101gramsofeyecandy.

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