Sunday, July 24, 2011

some polka dots i spotted...

Dots or no dots, I have always loved Olivia Palermo's street style.

She effortlessly does that thing that takes so much effort for me to do -- mix warm browns with cool black or gray (see related post here).

She pulls off the wide-leg-pant-look so well and wears bows without looking too girly.

She has the most fabulous coats. Seriously, if I were at the same party as her in NYC, I'd ask to take her coat at the door and ruuun! Yes, literally TAKE her coat! I love, love, love that hooded coat. The orange coat finishes off her already-fabulous outfit perfectly. I am smitten with the leather edging on that camel coat from her ASOS shoot (so Resort 2012 edging! see related post here). And am loving that long inner to that lovely cream short-sleeved coat (so Chloe! see related post here).

And finally, Olivia Palermo reminds me that you don't need to wear heels to look amazing. I love that she rocks a pair of flat sneakers, oxfords and ballerina slippers! My absolute fave are those Sergio Rossi silver brogues! Especially paired with that striped tee! So effortlessly elegant!


  1. @ambquezada I know, right? (Or as my daughter says, IKR). Am girl-crushing on Olivia Palermo na nga eh. Hehe.

  2. i love all her coats!!! it's just too darn hot here to wear one :( and i wish i was as tall as her to look as good in flats. sigh.

  3. @patricialoves Am hoping the ber months this year will make the office aircon cool enough for coats. :) On the flats, same here. But I noticed that when I wear them with skinny jeans, it's not as bad. Forget it though with wide-leg pants!

  4. agree, agree. wide-leg pants or maxi's in flats and i'm dwarfed! :) yeah here's hoping it would be cool enough for coats this year! if not, a vacation to korea or china in winter might be a good idea to be able to take the coats out. haha.