Sunday, May 22, 2011

mixing it up

Surprisingly, this weekend turned out to be about being bold and finally starting a blog. So am inspired to pursue this throughout the rest of the workweek by boldly breaking some well-ingrained, but quite ancient design and fashion rules. (1) Gray, meet camel and brown. My instincts tell me gray can only go with black, purple or white. But all neutrals go together, right? (2) I am in this Muji clean and simple phase. Subdued gingham, stripes and solids. But the Aquarian in me has always loved a splash of color. And I never thought such a playful, flirty floral print could go with clean, striped lines. (3) Consistent with my "gray goes with cool, not hot, hues" rule, I struggle to mix silver with gold jewelry (or bag hardware). Resist old design sensibilities! (4) Am wired to think fresh flowers are for special occasions. But why not get fresh flowers just to spruce up my living room? (5) Now, I wonder if I can be bold enough to wear this fancy bucket hat I have but have never worn in the hot & humid summer weather of Manila?

What about you? What self-imposed rules are you breaking this week? Will you mix it up with me?

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  1. Ang ganda naman ng layout =) I bravely wore my big silver watch with my oak Alexa with gold hardware.

    Risque!! =)

  2. Wow, thanks! So you feel silver doesn't go with gold either? I wore gray with camel yesterday. Am so proud of us! Walking away from our old style sensibilities. :)

  3. People say it doesn't matter anymore but it matters how you feel right? And I feel weird with it. I make an exception for my silver watch a lot now though.