Friday, May 27, 2011

cheery front doors

There's something so inviting about a colored door. It seems to lure you inside.

Imagine being greeted everyday by a brightly colored door. Wouldn't it make coming home even brighter?

I wonder if I should paint my front door purple and frame my imaginary (since our front door doesn't have one) peephole with a yellow frame like this?

I can see it now... I'll be smiling everytime I turn my doorknob. :)

Photo credits: Red door from Yellow/orange door photos were taken by Peden Munk and the black door is from Domino via Friends' peephole frame from Reel Art.


  1. I've always wanted a red door. Maybe I should have our front door painted red to distinguish it from the template robot quality of my neighborhood.

    Of course, I instantly recognized the purple door. =)

  2. I vote for the red door! And the purple one was posted specially for you. :)