Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Simplicity is daring."

I chanced upon this site and was thoroughly pleased. Chance is a lifestyle brand created by former Kate Spade director, Julia Leach. I love what it's about. As the site so eloquently describes, it is built around the values of design, simplicity, personal style and adventure. The striped shirt, with its simplicity and timeless appeal, serves as the cornerstone of the Chance concept: a classic that travels the world, representing a relaxed, confident sense of style, a curious spirit and a minimalist approach to living and dressing. Chance is where American sportswear meets European nonchalance, where timeless simplicity collides with artful adventure, a carefree enjoyment of life with effortless grace.

I have half a mind to pack all my striped shirts and button-downs into a canvas tote and hop on a plane and explore the world. Travel, nature, music, art, cinema, friendship and family. The possibilities are endless. Hmmm, perhaps this weekend?

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