Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bookshelf bar

I never thought I could have a bar at home. When I think of a bar, I automatically think of a big liquor cabinet with a high bar table and stools. But this will take up too much space and will just end up gathering dust because it's not like we drink or entertain that often.

Doesn't this make having a bar at home possible and chic?
Though my bookshelf bar would have bottles of Patron X.O. and Moscato. I might have an Absolut Citron too because I've been meaning to try making my own Lemon Drop. We once watched the Opus bartender mix Citron with lemon juice, pour it into shot glasses and coat lemon wedges with brown sugar (the brown sugar is the trick!).  

Now, a drink or two is readily accessible. After all, it's not like I have this at home...


  1. My dad had a bar in our old house and he had "display liquor" in it - bottles which had branded labels but you couldn't drink. And I distinctly remember your husband and a friend of his finishing 1 bottle on my 18th birthday =)

  2. @ocmom Do I remember that liquor cabinet, right? Was it amid the cattle heads at your old house? And on T, why? Why am I not surprised?