Saturday, May 26, 2012

one gustatory night

When our friend A comes home from Jakarta, we take him out for a gustatory night. Here are the highlights of one palate-pleasing evening (thanks to J & K, the best food & drinks itinerary planners).

We started the night off in Mangetsu on Jupiter Street. Their Sea Urchin Tempura (P295) is the best I've ever tasted!

Just a rundown of our orders during our dinner in this Japanese fusion restaurant, owned by Chuvaness' dad: Karaage Fried Chicken with 3 kinds of salt (P380; quite good!), Beef Sukiyaki (P420; I am generally not a sukiyaki fan, but Mangetsu's Sukiyaki is pretty delicious sukiyaki!), Pork Gyoza (5 pieces for P290; tastes like most gyozas but the plating was excellent), and Salt-Water-Boiled Broccoli with spicy cod roe mayo sauce (P295; I liked this a lot because I looove Japanese mayo).

Then we moved to Cova, a tapas & sangria bar on Jupiter as well. I think we tried 3 types of sangrias, but the best one was their Summery Peach White Wine Sangria.

We were stuffed from our authentic Japanese dinner but couldn't resist their Huevos Cabreados because it seemed like someone thought of all his favorite things and put them together in one dish! Shoestring potatoes, fried egg, chorizo bits, aioli. It was delicious bar chow.

Then we capped off the night at The Blind Pig. More than the drinks, I think what's more talk-worthy was the experience. 

The Blind Pig is a cocktail bar with a braille sign and a locked door. You will get buzzed in and upon entering, you will get a whiff of a spa-like smell which made us half-expect some blind masseurs. Instead, we were greeted by a very dimly-lit bar with a friendly staff. While they have a tiny card with their menu in 4-point font, they encourage you to get a personalized drink. They ask you what alcohol you like, if you like it say, sweet or sour. I chose vodka and adventurously asked for a salty drink. 

When my drink arrived, our server called me by my name (how's that for personalized?) and told me they made me a Gorbachev's Cup, a vodka-based cocktail with muddled cucumber, finished with sea salt and fresh-cracked black pepper. It was an interesting drink, largely because of the salt & pepper. Refreshing too, because of the cucumber. Next time, I plan to change my brief to "something candy-like". I wonder what they'll come up with?

It was definitely one awesome gustatory night!

38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City
somewhere between Makati Ave. & Fiama
(632) 4783292
*Prices quoted above are based on downloadable soft-opening menu on Mangetsu's website.

Cova Tapas Y Sangria
22 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City
(632) 478-9700

The Blind Pig
227 Salcedo St. Makati City
The door is perpendicular to the road so I sure hope you find it!

Photos from frommetoyouhere, subtleyetrobust, here, here and my friend A's.


  1. What's the price range in Black Pig? :)

    1. @Medz Blind Pig was our last stop that night so I was pretty tipsy already to notice the price of my drink. :( Checked an old photo of their menu and their Smokey Old Bastard cocktail of scotch, maple syrup and orange smoke is priced at P500. Their Arancinis with Chorizo and Mozzarella is priced at P350. Hope these give you an idea of their price range.

  2. I made reservations for tonight at The Blind Pig. I sent text messages, then called the number, but I didn't get a response until half a day later. This guy named Andrew asked me about the details of my reservation: for how many folks, what time, et al. When I said, "2 people, 9:30 pm, thanks," he replied with "You're welcome!"

    Come 9:30, we weren't buzzed in. We happened to tail gate this other girl and when we went inside, a waiter said that we don't have a reservation. Since my text exchange with the Andrew guy does not have a confirmation, they said that they couldn't give us seats.

    So, they are asking for a "confirmation," which, for some reason, they omitted to mention during my text correspondence with their rep.

    I went inside and I saw that it's a small, highly overrated place, with a staff that is eager to treat you shabbily in the guise of exclusivity.

    I live in Makati and we have wonderful bars and restaurants here. The Blind Pig is just a pretentious and boring hole-in-the-wall.

    1. @Jane Oh my! That was such an awful experience! I feel for you...

  3. Did Jane Google all blog posts about Blind Pig and posted the same experience?