Saturday, May 19, 2012

where do you like to be held?

For those of you in a relationship, is there a specific way your partner holds you that never fails to make you feel warm & tingly all over? Like you're a teenage girl getting kissed ever-so-gently for the very first time by your highschool crush?

I find a light touch on my knee quite comforting.

A gentle stroking of my fingers quite sweet.

And a tender touch on my side quite endearing.

A firm grasp of my back makes me feel lovingly safe & protected.

And hands clutching my face in a kiss, so romantic.

And finally, noses touching, so real, honest & playful. A warm-and-tingly meant to last forever.

What about you? Where do you like to be held? Is there a special way he holds you that makes you feel even more loved and in love?

Photos from pinkwallpaper and annnniegirl.  

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