Sunday, May 27, 2012

style inspiration

I've been so obsessed with Spring's pastel colors and prints this whole summer, that I've decided to take a break from a color-filled wardrobe. I've decided to slip into some classics with a twist. They look quite plain at first glance. But I like that there is a detail or two that makes it subtly stylish.

Because it still doesn't come naturally to me to mix black with brown (though I've come a long way from struggling to resist it here), I find the nude shoes with black trousers above chic-ly unexpected.

I also gravitated towards this look. It's just a classic white button-down with khakis. But I think the lace camisole gives the man's shirt a soft feminine vibe. And the knotted belt (vs. the traditional inside-the-belt-clasp) gives it a nonchalant hard element.

And finally, this striped shirt with the orange cuff.

Don't these little details give classics a chic subtle twist?

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