Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today, I am loving...

illustration by Christine Berrie
I have no idea why. We never owned a VW Kombi (or Camper Van as people on the other side of the world call it) when I was little. I don't even know anyone who owned one. But for some odd reason, I have been drawn to this blue Kombi lately.

I like the idea of having a vintage VW Kombi model car in my son's room.

Or the camper van as a wall decal.

I don't know what exactly brought on this crush on a Kombi. Maybe it's because Disney Cars 2 is showing in Manila theaters soon?

Or maybe it's because of this fabulous book I read, Before Ever After, where the characters, Max and Shelley, rode a VW Camper van and lost themselves in the back roads of history on a road trip across Europe. It is Filipina Samantha Sotto's very first novel and it was released internationally this month. Here are photos of my Kombi crush from Sam's blog.
Do purchase the book from Amazon here and help get this newborn Filipina novelist on the New York Bestsellers List! See previous posts on this here, here and here.

Still, I don't know what brought on this crush with this blue Kombi. Whatever the cause or the reason, this vintage van just puts me in a nostalgic, heartwarming mood. It reminds me of simpler days... Happy days... Carefree days. So today, I am loving... this blue vintage VW Kombi.

Photos from lushleeblondiensc, samanthasotto and here.

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  1. We had an orange combi, and boy, was it noisy!

  2. @trisha Hahaha! It's part of the charm! :)