Friday, August 26, 2011

Today, I am loving...

One of the many facets of my work is packaging. And while I've accepted that taking products out of their store-bought packaging tends to look good (read what I'm talking about here), it is refreshing to see how the packaging these products come in need not be stripped off...

Today, I am delighted... at how the packaging of these products look so much like the real thing, they don't seem like packaged goods. 

I do have a soft spot for the usual bear bottle.
But am loving this bottle that looks like a bee's bum.

Don't these make you crave for a fruit juice even more?

Today, I am also moved... by these examples of how packaging can make a strong statement.

This is quite unnerving. But hey, the blood-red ketchup
does make you stand up and take notice, right?

While not as pretty as the bee's bum, this pot encourages you to reuse the pot
to grow flowers for the bees to suck nectar from so they can produce honey.
So the circle of life continues.

Today, I am enlightened... to see that packaging can go beyond just branding - to see how packaging can evoke a memory of simple, organic and un-commercialized days or even incite action towards a worthy cause.

Photos from lushlee and chewingthecud.

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  1. The ketchup sachet design is both brilliant and gross at the same time!