Sunday, August 7, 2011

Today, I am loving...

Today, I am loving this typography-initial trend.
  • I know there are quite a bit of ampersands in the photo above, but I love them (see related post here).
  • Katie Holmes' Jennifer Meyer diamond-encrusted pendants reappear because I am still in love with the idea of wearing your children's initials around your neck (see related post here).
Initials in various typestyles are everywhere these days. On walls, in rooms, stenciled on cabinets...

Even Mikka of a mischmashed life has an ongoing alphabet wall project inspired by this...

I am so drawn to the varying typefaces, colors and sizes that I might start my own alphabet wall in my son's room: aBCdeFgHijkLMnOpQRstUvWxYz!

I am not really a lover of serifs as you might have figured from my Trebuchet font choice here. But I can't help smile when I see this serif tote. I love how the bag strap merges with the serif and how they kept to an asymmetrical look with one serif rather than two flowing from both straps!

Today, I am loving... serif or sans, the typeface initial trend!

Photos from lushlee, a mischmashed life, inspirationoohaah, chewingthecud and blondiensc. Photo credits of reappearing photos can be found in their original home-posts.

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