Tuesday, August 23, 2011

cut paper art

One can start with just cutting out a shape. Like these adorable little camels.

Then you can cut out several shapes, put them together in varying depths and create beautiful paper sculptures like Helen Musselwhite does.

Or you can cut out parts of a sheet paper to create beautiful art out of the map of cities like Paris, as Karen M O'leary does.

Or you can go beyond maps and create intricate cut-out art like Elle of Stealing Hearts and Yuko Yamamoto.

Or even create mind-boggling art from paper rolls like Yuken Teruya does. Isn't this paper forest absolutely beautiful?

Who would have thought one could create incredibly magnificent art by cutting paper?

Photos from lushlee and here.

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  1. They 're so amazing and excelent ! I like them all.

  2. You're an amazing artist.

  3. @Anonymous Oh my! I hope I didn't mislead you into thinking I made these magnificent cut paper art pieces. I identified the artists who deserve your praise in my post. :)

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  5. You should check out Maude White's paper cutting work. It's incredible. Go to www.bravebirdpaperart.com