Monday, August 22, 2011

saving the earth one little step at a time

It is comforting to see that our country is taking steps toward saving the environment. For a couple of years now, we've seen how more and more cities and supermarkets are saying No To Plastic. Am sure you're familiar with the supermarkets that ban plastic bags on Wednesdays. For these days, these leather totes would be useful! Yes, they're leather! Isn't it funny that they look like plastic sando bags?

Also on Wednesdays, I learned that the McDonald's on Pearl Drive does not give out plastic straws. They don't replace them with these gorgeous stainless steel ones, but who says we need to drink from a straw when we can drink from the glass and use a little less plastic? I overheard a McDonald's customer get annoyed saying, "What's the point of banning straws if they use plastic cups?" While she had a point - because we really could do much more, I am still glad that McDonald's is taking that little step rather than none.

And it is such a little step. Like the Earth Hour. Right after this year's Earth Hour, the minute we turned the lights on, my daughter asked, "Why do we only do one hour a year?" True. Why do we just do one hour a year when we can easily do more? So to that woman in McDonald's point, we have decided to take a bigger step as a family. Just a little bit bigger. Earth Hour once a month. We've decided on the 30th because it doesn't fall on anyone's birthday or Hallmark holiday. We're starting this month and Isabella is in-charge of making sure we follow through on it. Will you join us on this monthly Earth Hour endeavor to help save the earth, one little hour at a time?

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