Sunday, August 21, 2011

some polka dots i spotted...

I'm obviously still smitten with the wall decal idea in my whimsical windows post here. But beyond polka-dotted ones, am also attracted to these black or white decals...

The care symbols would look adorable in a laundry room (and there's that blue-gray color again! See related post here.). And I love the idea of using a wall decal for a headboard-less bed.

Finally, these ones just made me smile...

Yes, I was born during the times of Atari Pong and Pacman (see previous Pacman post here). But I can still play a mean game of Tetris! (I know, still an old game! Eep, down in the dots moment!) The graphic decals of things you shouldn't forget before leaving the house is also quite endearing. Reminds me of Patricialoves' chalkboard door here. The racetrack decals with a few actual toy cars hanging on the wall would be awesome in my son's room! And the chalkboard animals... yes, am still obsessed with chalkboard walls (see previous post here)... Imagine! The giraffe can be spotted one day and striped the next! Plus, I adooore the elephants!

Photos via Google images (sorry, too many images. couldn't track all the links to my sources. you should find them via google images by typing these keywords: wall decals/polka-dot wall decals/pacman wall decals/pong wall decals/tetris wall decals. or email me for the sitenames. btw, you can also google space invaders wall decal which i thought was cool but since i didn't really play that game much in the 80's, i decided against including it here.). The first photo of polka-dotted walls was purchased from Fotolia by a dear follower (Thanks N.E.!).

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