Monday, August 1, 2011

some polka dots i spotted...

I never thought embroidery hoops  could look so charming as wall decor. Do you remember the embroidery hoops from Home Ec class that kept your fabric taut while you did your needlework (Boy, my old Home Economics teacher would be proud that I remember so much about my Sewing Class! See related post here.)? Apparently, they can also decorate a room!

This one isn't as easy as putting in a polka-dotted fabric into the hoop. It involves some patchwork, but isn't it just adorable to put on the wall of a baby boy's room?

And if you don't want them on your wall, you could also use them as a bulletin board.

Interesting, right?

Photos from blondiensc and lushlee.


  1. I love the bulletin board idea!

  2. @trisha Me too! But I prefer more subdued prints. Much like the pale turquoise fabrics on the photo I added after I first published this post (those against a black/navy wall). Minus the huge flowers for bulletin board posting purposes, of course! :)