Saturday, October 22, 2011

the designer bag obsession

The designer bag obsession almost always starts with a monogram bag -- whether it be a Louis Vuitton or a Gucci. Most people I know started with a Speedy or a Neverfull. Even Rachel Zoe started with a Louis Vuitton...

I did too - with a Vernis Bellevue. I remember Isabella asking "Why do you have Veronica Lodge's bag?" when she spotted the LV -- for her, VL on my then, new bag. 

After a couple of monogram bags, one moves on to iconic purses that may not have the identifiable interlocking initials, but have equally recognizable shapes, structures, materials or hardware. Like a Bottega Veneta hobo and its woven buttery-soft nappa leather (I just looove caressing this leather). Or a classic Balenciaga motorcycle bag's hardware. Or the iconic quilted Chanel 2.55. Or if you can afford it, the highly-coveted Birkin. Or more recently, the Mulberry Alexa and the Chloe Paraty.

At this point, a woman falls in love with a particular shape or structure and it doesn't matter anymore if the bag is recognizable. By this time, she is no longer looking for a classic bag that can go with anything in her wardrobe to drive up the purse's ROI (return on investment - as she was doing in the beginning because, after all, it was a big investment!). So she is now drooling over the trendy versions of iconic purses or the fabulous creations of interesting new designers. Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter - even Resort - collections are now anticipated.  

Then she transcends the need to collect the most expensive labels or this season's it bag and starts to notice purses for their pure innate beauty - and maybe even, practicality. This opens the door to a Zara shopper bag (which is now available in a blue-green hue. Swoon!) or my trusty Cole Haan crossbody in a versatile army green color. This bag has so many compartments that I love traveling with it. The crossbody strap frees my arms for shopping loot! And am unperturbed by the rain (a vast difference from when I use my Tahitienne). I found myself using this bag everyday.

Until I fell in love with this...

I looove that the lining is polka-dotted too, but different from the outer print! Would you believe it's really a diaper bag from Dwell Studio (I haven't decided what to do with the pretty polka-dotted diaper mat it came with... A placemat perhaps?)? I swear, it has added a skip in my step since I bought it!

Before I bought my dotted bag, I promised myself I'd put an end (okay, maybe just a hiatus) to purse-shopping. And I had been strong for months. But my latest loot has triggered thoughts of new purses... Particularly two-(or-three)-toned bags. Like the gray and blue Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 Tod's shoulder bag or these clutches.

Sigh. I wonder if the designer bag obsession finally ends at pure purse love. Or is it really a never-ending cycle that will soon bring me back to monogram bags? And with the newly reopened Louis Vuitton store in Greenbelt 4...

... more and more girls are going to get tempted to begin their cycle of the designer bag obsession.

What about you? What was your first designer bag?

Illustrations from arturoelena, here, here, here, here, here and here. Layout by moi. Photos from herehere, here and here.


  1. Not counting the Guccis my mom handed down to me, my very first designer bag was a Bottega Veneta canvas tote with leather handles. Oddly, I do not own any LVs. I have also decided to stop buying bags until I make 100 million pesos in profit. Hahaha.

  2. @ocmom I remember those Guccis! See? Everyone starts with a monogram. :) Me too, I have also promised myself to stop. Let's see how strong we are...