Thursday, October 13, 2011


More of Steve Jobs' legacy... And I don't just mean the iPhone and the iPad. I'm referring to the beautiful typography our computers and gadgets now feature because of the great Steve Jobs (see related post here).

Design would be profoundly inadequate without typography.

As I first talked about it here, the typeface initial trend is adorning homes everywhere. There's just something about the alphabet (or our 1-2-3's) that is so endearing.

Random words and even words-to-live-by are also giving interiors character and significance.

Even random (like in the coasters below) or meaningful initials make a room more homey without sacrificing sleek, sophisticated design.

I just cannot imagine what life would be without typography. And for bringing it into the digital world, my deep gratitude to the great Steve Jobs! Truly, your genius has left a lasting imprint in our lives.

Photos from Catwife's shop crush Apostrophe's, designeditor, happythings and lushlee.

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